Microtune’s 3-in-1 tuner finds a home in TiVo’s HD DVR

Tue, 02/12/2008 - 7:53am
Mike Robuck

Microtune announced today that its three-in-one tuner has been deployed in TiVo’s dual-tuner HD DVR.

Microtune’s tuner chips function as part of the system electronics and give the TiVo set-top boxes (STBs) TV entertainment, multimedia and interactive services capabilities, including high-definition (HD) pictures and audio.

“TiVo is the recognized brand name for providing television services for digital video recorders,” said Microtune COO Albert Taddiken. “As the digital TV transition in the U.S. continues its momentum, the new TiVo set-top box, using our tuners, delivers TV reception across both broadcast and cable transmissions.

“In combination with TiVo’s feature-rich software and set-top architecture, the DVR is engineered to deliver superior HD picture and sound performance,” Taddiken continued. “We are pleased that TiVo chose our state-of-the-art MT2131 chips as the critical tuner technology.”

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