CTAM report: Early adopters prefer TV service from cable ops

Thu, 02/07/2008 - 8:15am
Traci Patterson

About 46 percent of technology’s earliest adopters are choosing television service provided by a cable operator, compared with the 26 percent that select satellite and the two percent that choose video from a telco, according to a CTAM report.

The report focused on two groups – “future shapers” and “future makers.” These two groups collectively represent 30 percent of consumers, but early adopters of technology are more informed and influential.

Future shapers, which represent 10 percent of consumers, are the early adopters of technology who spread the word, and whose opinions are sought out. Future makers, representing 20 percent of consumers, are second-stage adopters who will advertise the benefits of new technologies. The largest group of consumers, “today consumers,” wait until technologies are proven before adopting them, and that group represents 40 percent of consumers.

The most important factor for “today consumers” when choosing a service provider is the reliability of the service: 89 percent of future shapers and 71 percent of future makers chose reliability over price.

Price placed second, with 79 percent of future shapers listing it as an important factor when choosing a provider, and 67 percent of future makers.

Nearly seven out of ten (67 percent) future shapers and 59 percent of future makers are likely to get information about TV services from the Internet, compared with 45 percent of today’s consumers.

“Today’s cable television, with advanced enhancements including on-demand, HDTV and DVRs, is inciting influencers to spread the word as to why cable television is their first choice among the competitors,” said CTAM President and CEO Char Beales.

The report appears in CTAM Pulse January/February 2008. “Future Shapers and Makers: An Examination of Consumer Segments,” conducted by TNS Media & Entertainment, examined different consumer segments, their technology adoption, and decision-making and content viewing behavior.

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