CableLabs hooks OpenCable Project onto Sun’s

Tue, 02/12/2008 - 8:40am
Mike Robuck

In order to give tru2way more visibility with application developers, CableLabs announced today that it has established the OpenCable Project on Sun Microsystems’ site

Tru2way was previously known as the OpenCable Platform and the Open Cable Application Platform (OCAP).

OCAP was originally part of the broader OpenCable initiative, which CableLabs launched in 1997 to promote the deployment of interactive services over cable.

OCAP consists of a stack of middleware software that resides between applications and the operating system within a consumer electronics device such as a set-top box (STB) or OCAP-compliant TV set.

Java-based OpenCable devices can have new information or applications ported to them because of their two-way capabilities, with ETV being an early forerunner of applications for legacy STBs. 

Time Warner Cable (TWC) has already deployed nearly 600,000 tru2way STBs, and Comcast has made the commitment to deploy support for tru2way devices system-wide by the end of the year.

“The delivery of tru2way functionality into consumers’ homes will open up a new universe of application development opportunities,” said Mike LaJoie, CTO of TWC. “To support the growth of this application development, we felt a 'go to' resource Web site is essential for independent, third-party tru2way application developers,” he continued. “For instance, application developers need a resource where they can understand the specifications, stay updated, test their work-in-progress, and have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other application developers.”

The tru2way brand is the cable industry’s marketing identification of interactive applications for consumers. CableLabs said that OpenCable Platform will continue to be used as the term describing the underlying set of technical specifications that support tru2way applications.

Tru2way has foundations in MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) and is similar to Blu-ray Java (BD-J), both of which are also based on Sun Microsystems’ Java platform.

“Since OpenCable is based on Sun Microsystems’ Java language, it was a logical step to take advantage of Sun’s already-established resource,” said Dr. Richard R. Green, president and CEO of CableLabs. “The resources that Sun Microsystems is providing will ensure a vibrant developers’ community.”

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