SureWest Communications has deployed service probes from IneoQuest Technologies not only in its test labs, but also in the field in subscriber homes, which will enable SureWest to assure video quality.

"IneoQuest hardware, primarily the G1-T, has been incorporated into the test and evaluation phase of most vendor hardware that we are considering for purchase," says Scott Barber, vice president of network operations for SureWest. "The IneoQuest gear helps us evaluate a vendor's claims by delivering real-life field results. Most recently, IneoQuest's service probes allowed us to capture the data needed to analyze and identify any quality issues while working with a new encryption vendor on its broadcast units."

Placing IneoQuest probes at the homes of IP video subscribers has enabled SureWest to improve service to the point where SureWest has experienced a clear reduction in operational expenses.

"Prior to this new technology offered by IneoQuest, customer video issues would require us to dispatch a technician to monitor picture quality and wait for something to happen. This was difficult, because there was no guarantee that the problem would repeat itself, and no way to accurately monitor the events leading up to the problem," Barber said. "We began strategically placing the Singulus Lite Cricket probes at targeted homes where it was necessary to monitor the incoming video feed."