Sandvine launches initiative against malware

Thu, 10/18/2007 - 7:40am
Mike Robuck

Sandvine announced today that it has launched the Sandvine Protection Center to augment its Sandvine Network Integrity product.

The Sandvine Protection Center enables service providers to protect subscribers by detecting malware hiding on PCs, notifying subscribers and providing self-remediation options to clean and protect their PCs.

As part of the Sandvine Network Integrity product, the Sandvine Protection Center uses a walled garden approach to promote communications between the service provider and the subscriber, ensures minimal service disruption and allows subscribers to customize aspects of the solution to meet their individual service needs. The new product is a result of Sandvine's recent acquisition of Simplicita Software in June.

Ben Lomand Telephone Cooperative has deployed the Sandvine solution and alleviated service provider-generated abuse complaints from its 12,000 DSL and FTTH subscriber network.

Ben Lomand deployed Sandvine to automate the detection of malicious attacks such as spam Trojans, DoS, DDoS and worms, as well as automate subscriber protection from these attacks.

"Sandvine's solution automatically stops malicious behavior without manual intervention and immediately returns customers to service once the malicious traffic issues have been resolved," said Joe Hamby Jr., Internet technical administrator at Ben Lomand Telephone Cooperative, in a statement. "Before Sandvine, we typically received at least one abuse complaint per day and we had about 70 IP addresses blocked from sending mail through the mail servers. Since deploying Sandvine, any abuse report is rare and we haven't had any blocked IPs."


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