Radiant Communications has combined its QRF5000 encoder with its QRF5200 digital channel replacement unit to create a single system that operators can use to deploy all-digital lineups to low-cost digital set-top units, among other applications.

In a single 1RU box, the new version of the Eclipse QRF5000 with integrated differentially encoded QAM (DeQAM) integrates an encoder, QAM modulator and RF up-converter.

The new product has the ability to support the insertion of local channels in place of existing channels within a 6 MHz QAM channel without losing any bandwidth, a capability it picks up from Radiant’s previous digital channel replacement product. It can also remove QAM services to allow local baseband video and audio channels to be encoded into QAM signals via a built-in modulator. It works with current and legacy set-top cable boxes Operators can select bit rates ranging from 32 kbps to 44.8 kbps, configure four different PID values from 30 to 8192, and output either 64 or 256 QAM signals for television channels 7 to 137.

Additional applications include security cameras for gated communities, multiple dwelling units (MDUs), hotels and condominium complexes; informational bulletin boards; public, educational, and government access (PEG) television; and any application where video and audio feeds need to be viewed within the digital lineup.