Concurrent releases new MediaHawk 4500 software

Wed, 06/20/2007 - 8:10am
Traci Patterson

Concurrent has unleashed new software for its MediaHawk 4500 line of servers that will provide additional support for ISA (Time Warner Cable's standard), NGOD (Comcast's standard) and Concurrent back offices.

The software supports the MediaCache 1000—Concurrent's first product in a line of non-volatile, flash memory storage products for the streaming of VOD content—and Regional File Server functionality.

Stream density has improved to 1,920 streams at 3.75 Mbps per 2RU server-the previous MediaHawk 4500 release supported only 1,600 streams.

The best feature, according to Michael Pasquinilli, Concurrent's VP of Engineering, is that an operator can have multiple MediaHawk 4500s sharing a common output to a GigE switch. Any one of the servers can be removed, or taken offline, and the other servers will pick up the load, with no service interruption. And if an additional server is added, it will slowly begin to share streams with the other servers.

The first deployment of the MediaHawk 4500 was with Time Warner Oceanic in January.


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