German operator does IPTV with GoBack TV’s CMTS bypass

Wed, 05/16/2007 - 7:22am
Brian Santo

BKG-Neuruppin has deployed unicast and multicast IPTV services over its cable system in Brandenburg, Germany, using the GoBackTV CMTS bypass technology.

GoBack TV’s GigaQAM IP, in combination with up to eight GoBackTV GigaQAM 3000 edgeQAMs, delivers IPTV streams directly through DOCSIS cable modems, bypassing the CMTS core processor entirely. Since the GigaQAM IP's core processor can still support and control the same number of modems as an ordinary CMTS, the operator gets to leverage the cost of a CMTS core processor and upstream channels across multiple QAMs-worth of bandwidth – up to 192 QAM channels.

The GigaQAM 3000 edgeQAM encapsulates the IPTV traffic and can propagate timing and control information from the GigaQAM IP on any of its channels. This enables the core-bypass technique to work with existing DOCSIS 1.1 and 2.0 cable modems, as well as the upcoming DOCSIS 3.0 wideband cable modems.

BKG-Neuruppin is using off-the-shelf IP set-top boxes connected to standard EuroDOCSIS 1.1 cable modems.

The GigaQAM 3000 also supports QAM sharing, in which any individual QAM channel can carry both traditional MPEG-2 content and DOCSIS payload. In addition, the GigaQAM 3000 can function as a broadcast, switched broadcast, or narrowcast edgeQAM, with versatile MPEG-2 remultiplexing, including support for both variable bit rate (VBR) and constant bit rate (CBR) transport streams, in both high-definition and standard-definition video rates.


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