Telco Systems dials into rural fiber project

Thu, 03/15/2007 - 8:56am
Traci Patterson, CED

Telco Systems' EdgeGate CPE 232 and 482 IP media gateways will be used in FTTH projects funded by the USDA's Rural Utilities Service (RUS).

The gateways provide broadband Internet access, Internet phone service (VoIP), IPTV access and VOD.

The EdgeGate CPE is an Ethernet-based switch with up to four analog voice lines, and up to eight high-speed Ethernet ports for video, data and broadband Internet access. It supports VoIP signaling protocols including SIP and MGCP, and IGMP snooping for video transmission. An optical uplink supports either a Fast or Gigabit Ethernet transceiver over traditional fiber pair or a single fiber, the company said.

The USDA's acceptance of Telco's gateways followed a review by the RUS Technical Committee for telecommunications products. Now, Telco's entire EdgeGate product family can be used by rural communities that are deploying community broadband networks with RUS loans and grants, Telco said.

Telco Systems' EdgeGate 282 was approved by RUS in 2004.

The EdgeGate CPE gateways provide the optical-to-electrical conversion that makes FTTH possible and enables end-users to connect standard phones, faxes, PCs, video monitors and televisions to an optical fiber IP Ethernet network.



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