Report: Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G to duke it out for some time

Wed, 03/07/2007 - 7:41am
Brian Santo, CED

Wi-Fi, WiMAX and cellular 3G will all be vying for global market share, but adoption rates will depend largely upon geographic region, according to In-Stat.

"Each technology comes with its own strengths and weaknesses," said Daryl Schoolar, In-Stat analyst. "In-Stat sees the technologies both co-existing and competing."

In the U.S. and Europe, for example, Wi-Fi has been widely deployed as a hot-spot and wide-area mesh solution by local governments, colleges, and others; while WiMAX is being set up to be both a fixed wireless and mobile access solution that will compete with cellular 3G.

Other results of In-Stat's research include the observations that 3G is starting to appear in developing regions; that the more developed the region, the more important it is for WiMAX to be mobile; and that other technologies, such as 802.20, have the potential to play a role in the future, but have a long way to go to achieve that potential.

The report, "3G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and Others Battle for Wireless Supremacy," covers the markets for those three wireless approaches, discussing hotspot deployments, WiMAX subscribers, and Voice over WiMAX through 2011. The research also compares and contrasts the strengths and weaknesses of each technology.


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