OpenTV synchs up with 'Heroes'

Thu, 02/15/2007 - 5:47am

OpenTV Corp. is powering synchronized, two-screen (i.e. PC-and-TV) interactive elements tied to NBC's new primetime hit "Heroes."

Using OpenTV's "Participate" platform, the show will feature live polls and allow viewers to make predictions on the story's outcome, and obtain advertiser information.

Viewers will participate using a Web-based application that synchs up with the live broadcast. The cable industry, led by specs generated at CableLabs, is also working toward "enhanced TV" systems that allow the broadcast and interactive elements to synch-up on the TV screen.

OpenTV will host the system for NBC at the vendor's data center. During the series, however, NBC will have control of the creation and management of the interactive "events."

"The OpenTV Participate solution presented with important new options for live two-screen interactivity, and we felt that a show like 'Heroes,' which has an audience that is seeking out a rich, multi-platform viewing experience, was the ideal show to try it on," said Jon Dakss, NBC's director of ITV technology product development, in a statement.

He said the system is flexible enough to allow NBC to experiment with new ideas "on-the-fly."


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