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Alcatel signs broadband agreement with SES Global and Gilat

April 8, 2002 8:00 pm | by Bruce Branch | Comments

Copyright 2002 Warren Publishing, Inc. Communications Daily…04/09/2002 From LexisNexis Alcatel signed separate agreements with SES Global and Gilat Satellite Networks to implement 2-way global satellite system. Plans call for Alcatel to use SES' Broadband Interactive System (BBI) technology. SES will transfer industrial responsibility for technological development of BBI to Alcatel.

Silicon Graphics 'takes gloves off' to challenge VOD server incumbents

April 8, 2002 8:00 pm | by Jeff Baumgartner | Comments

Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) said it will go after incumbent video-on-demand server providers such as Concurrent Computer Corp., nCUBE Corp. and SeaChange International with a new, low-cost server platform designed to handle up to 600 streams of video at a cost of roughly $255 per stream. SGI, whose VOD history goes back to Time Warner Cable's Full Service Network trial in Orlando, Fla.

NTL set for $20B bankruptcy, dwarfs Global Crossing/Enron

April 7, 2002 8:00 pm | by George Trefgarne | Comments

Copyright 2002 Telegraph Group Limited THE DAILY TELEGRAPH(LONDON)…04/08/2002 From LexisNexis THE City is bracing itself for the world's biggest bankruptcy as British cable operator NTL prepares to file for protection from its creditors. NTL, whose managing director is Stephen Carter, has run up about $20 billion of debts, comprehensively exceeding the previous record-holder, Global Cross...


Companies align to advance broadband entertainment

April 7, 2002 8:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

Consumers' appetites have been whet, and the digital set-top box marketplace is poised for growth, one analysis says. Century Embedded Technologies and VT Media Technologies are joining forces to capitalize on this popularity by delivering cost-effective STB systems. Research from Gartner Dataquest indicates that digital set-top box systems are the fastest-growing consumer video application, pr...

Harmonic beefs up gateway product suite

April 7, 2002 8:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

Harmonic Inc. today took the wraps off two new gateway products - one aimed at simplifying video-on-demand deployments over cable systems, and another that cable operators can use to access and distribute digital signals. The new NSG 8200 is an addition to Harmonic's Narrowcast Services Gateway (NSG) product family that allows MSOs to deliver VOD within their networks by using Gigabit Ethernet ...

Content providers push iTV production standard

April 7, 2002 8:00 pm | by Jeff Baumgartner | Comments

Claiming that interactive-television applications and content are riddled with too many proprietary elements, a spate of iTV players have banded together to unveil new open standards for iTV production based on XML. Comprised of TV and interactive production companies, middleware vendors and programmers, the organization believes iTV, sans standards, is hindering the rollout of the technology.

Motorola, N2 Broadband forge content delivery system

April 7, 2002 8:00 pm | by Jeff Baumgartner | Comments

Aiming to tap existing bandwidth to create a more efficient platform for on-demand content transport, Motorola Broadband Communications Sector and N2 Broadband have unveiled a new satellite-based digital asset management and delivery system. Under terms of the agreement, the system melds N2 Broadband's MediaPath digital asset management platform and Motorola's DigiCipher II uplink systems and D...

Two firms end fiber-optic deals with Metromedia

April 7, 2002 8:00 pm | by Staff | Comments

Copyright 2002 / Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times…04/08/2002 From Times Wire Services From LexisNexis Metromedia Fiber Network Inc. said Sunday that Verizon Global Networks and Genuity Solutions terminated their fiber-optic agreements with the company. In a news release, Metromedia said Verizon Global has paid $235 million under a $350 million contract to lease fiber-optic capacity.


Probe of Qwest becomes formal SEC accounting inquiry

April 4, 2002 7:00 pm | by Andrew Backover | Comments

Copyright 2002 Gannett Company, Inc. USA TODAY…04/05/2002 From LexisNexis The Securities and Exchange Commission has launched a formal investigation of telecommunications firm Qwest Communications that gives the agency subpoena power to demand documents and testimony. Qwest, which disclosed the information late Thursday, says the formal probe covers the same ground as the informal SEC pro...


FCC chair sets new deadlines for digital technology

April 4, 2002 7:00 pm | by Jon Healey | Comments

Copyright 2002 / Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times…04/05/2002 From LexisNexis With the transition to digital TV stuck in low gear, a top federal regulator Thursday tried to prod cable and satellite operators, set manufacturers, broadcasters and networks to pick up the pace. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael K.

Broadband content players find rough funding seas

April 4, 2002 7:00 pm | by Jeff Baumgartner | Comments

Incanta Inc.'s bid to secure survival funding failed late this week after an undisclosed 11th-hour investor decided it needed more time to mull its decision on whether to pour money into the start-up. Other content players, such as Clearband, are seeing similar fates. The Atlanta, Ga.-based broadband content service provider, already down to about six staffers following severe layoffs last Wedn...

Cable rates up by 7.5% in FCC price survey

April 4, 2002 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

Competition got mixed results yesterday when the Federal Communications Commission released its industry pricing report. Operators facing "effective" competition and those who don't both raised monthly rates by at least 7.5 percent. Competitive operators charged less than noncompetitive ones, but carried an average 1.

Enterasys execs resign as quarterly outlook falls

April 4, 2002 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

Less than a year since its spinoff from Cabletron, Enterasys Networks has embroiled itself in accounting probes, fired three workers in its Asia-Pacific offices, and yesterday lost three execs in the face of quarterly losses and "poor sales execution." Effective yesterday, Chair, CEO and President Enrique P.

Adelphia may sell half its systems to pay debt

April 4, 2002 7:00 pm | by Sallie Hofmeister | Comments

Copyright 2002 / Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times…04/05/2002 From LexisNexis To restore stability in the face of a plunging stock price, Adelphia Communications Corp. plans to sell up to half of its cable systems, worth as much as $8 billion, to pay off some of its debt, according to investment bankers in contact with the company's advisors.

NCTA names Vanguard winners

April 3, 2002 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

AT&T Broadband's CTO made the cuts. So did Cox Communications' chief of investor relations and a Comcast lawyer. The National Cable & Telecommunications Association named the winners of its 2002 Vanguard Awards, the highest honor the organization gives out each year. Vanguard's two highest awards, for distinguished leadership, go to Cablevision Systems Corp.


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