TWC installs Volicon's video monitoring system

Thu, 08/17/2006 - 7:38am
Brian Santo, CED

Looking for more visibility into its video network, Time Warner Cable has installed Volicon's Observer RPM to monitor more than 500 channels in order to provide early detection of channels that go off-air.

The desktop video monitoring solution automates the channel-scanning process, operating unattended as it scans as many as 500 video channels continuously to verify the presence of video and audio and to detect problems such as frozen video, black video, loss of video signal, and low-level audio. Each problem is recorded and reported to the operator via e-mail or cell phone alarm for review and analysis.

TWC will be using two Observer systems for a total of eight parallel scanners - seven will be running on automatic; the eighth will be manually monitored, allowing the operator to tune to any given channel and confirm the error report. Users have the ability to search, retrieve, view, analyze, annotate, share, and export video from the desktop.


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