Cisco’s wideband system features products from new acquisitions(2)

Wed, 06/21/2006 - 7:15am
Brian Santo, CED
Cisco Systems unveiled its new wideband solution involving channel bonding, edge QAMs and cable modems together with the uBR10012 CMTS. The company said its channel-bonding Wideband solution more than doubles CMTS downstream channel density and significantly reduces the cost per bit. Cisco said its CMTS provides an upgrade path to DOCSIS 3.0, which covers channel bonding. In the company’s Wideband system, the CMTS is outfitted with a 1-Gbps wideband shared port adaptor (SPA), which provides up to 1 Gigabit wideband connectivity to the edge QAM. The Cisco CMTS communicates with QAMs from most companies, but the Cisco solution includes the Continuum Edge QAM from subsidiary Scientific Atlanta. S-A’s edge QAM supports up to 24 downstream QAMs and connects to the uBR10012 over Gigabit Ethernet. There are two cable modem options. S-A’s DPC2505 has three bonded channels and supports up to 100 Mbps downstream data rates. The other cable modem is from Linksys, another Cisco subsidiary. The WCM300supports two to eight bonded channels and can scale to up to 240 Mbps downstream. Cisco said it is appropriate for end users who have varying bandwidth requirements. The Linksys cable modem will be available later this year. Cisco said two companies have deployed the Wideband system and are testing it: Com Hem, a broadband triple-play service provider in Sweden; and TDC Kabel TV, the largest cable broadband provider in Scandinavia.

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