Survey: Cable VoIP subs more satisfied than pure-play VoIP customers

Thu, 05/25/2006 - 7:36am
Brian Santo, CED

VoIP customers who get their service from cable companies were the happiest with VoIP, with 61 percent expressing satisfaction, according to a survey conducted by customer care software specialist SupportSoft Inc.

VoIP customers of cable providers are almost twice as confident about the reliability of their VoIP service as the customers of specialized providers, which focus solely on VoIP delivery.

Another advantage MSOs have over "pure" VoIP companies is that a majority of customers prefer to receive multiple services from a single provider. Eighty percent of cable VoIP customers surveyed said that they get VoIP and high-speed data in a bundle.

On the other hand, 34 percent of cable VoIP users surveyed said a technician had to visit their home within 90 days of the initial service installation due to a problem. Sixteen percent had a technician visit their home two or more times.

Those who experienced problems with their VoIP service said that their "primary frustration" is recurring quality or reliability problems, accounting for 29 percent and 24 percent of responses, respectively. These issues can occur when cable VoIP users are trying to download or upload data with their Internet connection, while simultaneously talking on the phone.

Of the 39 percent of users who expressed a problem during the upload or download of data, 59 percent said that the most common problem was that their voice transmission was hard to understand.

SupportSoft quotes the Yankee Group, which ascertained the most prevalent cause of VoIP problems is ineffective installation and preliminary testing procedures. Yankee Group estimates that technician visits to subscribers' homes for VoIP service after initial installation can cost service providers $130 each.


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