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May 10, 2006

IPTV not exactly a household name
IPTV may be an up and coming way of delivering video, but ask the mainstream consumer to explain it and you're likely to get a deer-in-headlights stare.

That's the conclusion of Accenture's recent IPTV consumer report that found "widespread misunderstanding, or no understanding, of what IPTV is."

The study was compiled from 6,030 consumer responses in six countries, including the U.S., and found that compelling TV is the core foundation of any IPTV proposition and that consumers "overwhelmingly" prefer to watch TV on a TV set.

"It's the 'TV' and not the 'IP' that interests consumers. They want great content and new services. Audiences don't care about the underlying technology," the report concludes.

Nearly half of the respondents (46 percent) said they didn't know what IPTV is. Even those consumers who had heard about IPTV disagreed over how to define it.

And there were some challenging barriers to IPTV adoption. "Cost is by far the most significant impediment. Seventy-three percent of respondents are not very willing or not at all willing to pay extra for the ability to search for entertainment content whenever they want it."

There was a ray of hope in terms of consumer understanding of IPTV, however. "The level of confusion declines significantly in geographies where IPTV services are gaining acceptance. And there is widespread interest in IPTV-type services," the report reveals.

Translation: IPTV, like any new technology, has an awareness issue. And content remains King.

Cisco, Deutsche Telecom networking T-Home service
Deutsche Telecom will drive its triple play network, "T-Home," with Cisco Systems' IP architecture and IP set-top boxes and support the Microsoft TV IPTV Edition software platform, the companies announced.

The service will be available to Deutsche Telecom customers in Germany, France and Spain in the second half of 2006 and will be based on Cisco's IP NGN (Next Generation Network) architecture. It will also incorporate Cisco's 1200 Series routers at the provider edge, the 10008 Series routers as Broadband Remote Access Server platforms and Cisco's Catalyst 6509 Series switches, the company added.

What's the big deal? It represents Microsoft's largest IPTV agreement in Europe to date, and for Cisco and Deutsche Telecom, a deeper and wider working relationship as the European telecom drives IPTV deeper into the region.

Optibase getting smart with video
Optibase Ltd., a provider of digital video solutions, will supply its IPTV streaming platforms to SmartVideo to enable full motion TV to Verizon and Cingular mobile subscribers in the U.S.

SmartVideo manages and delivers content to mobile and cellular devices and will use the Optibase MGW 5100 TV streaming platform to encode and transmit live video received from satellite provider Crawford Communications over a dedicated network to SmartVideo's facilities.

Content, which will be delivered over cell phones and smart handheld devices, will include news, weather, sports and children's programming.

Why the agreement? Both Optibase and SmartVideo are bullish on the cellular streaming market and content delivery over mobile devices.

Widevine widens its digital forensics range
Widevine Technologies, Inc. will integrate its Widevine Mensor digital forensics solution into a range of new and legacy consumer electronics devices, it reported.

A new MPAA study reports that U.S. movie studios are losing $6.1 billion annually in global revenue to piracy. Widevine Mensor enables studios, broadcasters and video operators to expand theft deterrence and traceability of premium content.

Mensor enables studios, broadcasters and video operators to expand theft deterrence and traceability of premium content. The first set-tops (all of them IP-based) to embed Mensor include Scientific-Atlanta's IPN430MC IP model, Motorola Inc.'s Kreatel 1710, and Amino Communications' AmiNet 110 and AmiNet 124. Microsoft Corp. is also incorporating Mensor in Windows PCs.

What's this all about? Protecting content with advanced watermarking and fingerprinting capabilities, especially in the growing IPTV space.

And the research says.....
Skip those commercials?

A pressing issue among content providers is the ability of consumers to skip commercials when using Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). And the research isn't helping the matter. According to JupiterResearch, 53 percent of online DVR subscribers used their DVRs to skip commercials. If the DVR households skip commercials 100 percent of the time, the cable and broadcast TV advertising revenue at risk would be $8 billion of the $74 billion advertising market.


And what's Jupiter's advice? "Television networks and advertisers should rethink programming and advertising strategies to cope with how DVRs are being used."

New Global Telecom gets smart
New Global Telecom has launched SMART (Strategic Market, Acquisition, & Retention Techniques), a VoIP informational series designed to help service providers in the small to mid-size business (SMB) markets.

The SMART series includes three volumes that provide practical, actional information organized in three topic areas—market assessment, acquisition of SMB end-users and customer retention, the company said.

Verso gets interoperable, joins IP Alliance
Verso Technologies, Inc. has successfully completed interoperability tests with iDirect and has joined the iDirect IP Alliance, the company announced.

IDirect asked Verso to join its IP Alliance program after the company passed its interoperability tests, which enables Verso to optimize bandwidth utilization and provide a shared IP satellite network.

VX Series gets launched to deliver VoIP service
Network Equipment Technologies, Inc. (NET) has rolled out its next-generation technology designed to deliver integrated, secure lower cost VoIP and mobility to the enterprise, the company said.

NET's VX series is aimed at enterprises and includes a VoIP solution with "any-to-any" gateway functionality and interoperability with existing telecommunications and data network infrastructure. The VX Series enables VoIP and enterprise mobility applications with session border control and call system integration that extends enterprise PBX functionality to mobile handsets, added NET.

When implemented as a remote office voice switch, the VX Series extends advanced calling features from centralized call systems to remote locations, reducing the cost, complexity and manageability of enterprise voice networks, the company said.

Why the launch? The enterprise market is fast becoming a lucrative one for VoIP and other IP type services.

AT&T thinks rural with WildBlue deal
AT&T will begin selling WildBlue Communications' broadband Internet service later this month under the brand name "AT&T High Speed Internet Access, powered by WildBlue," the companies announced.

The agreement calls for WildBlue, a Denver-based provider of broadband access to consumers and small offices in rural areas and small cities, to provide AT&T with equipment management, installation and distribution services for satellite service customers.

So why the deal? WildBlue offers AT&T lower overhead access to the rural markets and smaller cities not served, or underserved, by DSL, cable and other landline-based high-speed services.

AOL, Clearwire hook up on wireless
AOL and Clearwire Corp. have announced a wireless broadband marketing partnership. The resulting service will be branded as "AOL High Speed-Powered by Clearwire."

Consumers will be able to access AOL service with high-speed wireless broadband access starting at $25.95 a month and will be initially available in Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, Fla,. and Stockton and Modesto, Calif.

Why the relationship? Another move by AOL to move its members to broadband.

Verizon picks up speed
Verizon's fiber-fed FiOS Internet Service will upgrade its high-speed Internet connections in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to speeds of up to 10 Mbps downstream and 2 Mbps upstream and 20/5 Mbps for small businesses and consumers, respectively, the company said.

FiOS also offers consumers faster speeds of 30 and 5 Mbps.

Current accelerates BPL deployment
Current Communications Group LLC will infuse $130 million in new equity investments to accelerate its BPL-enabled "Smart Grid" electric utility networks and alternative broadband communications services, the company announced.

The investments come from a variety of strategic equity investors—including General Electric and EarthLink—and will allow Current to further its BPL technology in creating a multipurpose high-speed data network by placing advanced digital equipment on electric distribution networks, and enable an electric utility to monitor and control, in real time, the components in the electric distribution network, the company noted.

Current is deploying the first BPL-enabled Smart Grid with TXU Electric Delivery in Texas. What's the deal here? Current is using BPL technology, which allows consumers to manage their own electricity usage while allowing the electric utility to monitor and control a network. BPL is growing in popularity as an alternative means of powering consumers' use of video, voice and data services.

Company: Minerva Networks Inc.
Headquarters: Santa Clara, Calif.
CEO: Mauro Bonomi

Claim to Fame: Provides open platform, carrier-class solutions for the delivery of television services over broadband IP networks. The company's television services management software and video processing systems are integrated into IP television delivery platforms that deliver next-generation entertainment and communications applications.

Recent news of note: Partnered with BitBand and Latens Systems to provide independent telephone companies and service providers with an advanced secure and feature-rich IPTV solution. The integrated technologies will include Minerva's iTV Manager middleware.

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