Study: DVR owners don't time-shift all that much

Wed, 04/26/2006 - 7:08am
Jeff Baumgartner, CED

Although the concept of time-shifted television is starting to take off, the amount of time-shifting that's actually taking place might be a bit surprising.

According to a study from the Total TV Audience Monitor (T-TAM), only 24 percent of digital video recorder (DVR) owners watch time-shifted TV in the average week. Of that group, only 6 percent of their total weekly viewing is time-shifted. DVR owners watch an average of 29.25 hours of TV per week, but only 1.7 of those hours are shifted, the survey found.

DVR owners, however, watch two more hours of TV per week compared to those who do not own DVRs.

The study also found that syndicated shows (8 percent) are among the most popular genres that are time-shifted by men, while sports events and news are the least popular.

T-TAM noted that the recent growth in ownership (4 percent of adults in 2004 to 8 percent in 2005) is attributed to set-tops with on-board DVRs. Penetration of TiVo DVRs, meanwhile, remained at 3 percent during that period.


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