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April 26, 2006

Don't blink when it comes to the customer
It's all about the customer, so don't get too enamored with the technology. That was essentially the consensus among several high-profile, highly-placed executives who spoke at the recent NCTA National Show in Atlanta.

Among the speakers at the session titled "Add Cable and Stir; a Recipe for Business Success" were Glenn Britt of Time Warner Cable, Michael Wilner of Insight Communications, Mark Cuban of HDNet, Patrick Esser of Cox Communications, and Tom Rutledge of Cablevision Systems, among others.

Each was convinced that whoever keeps their eyes on the customer will eventually be the winner in the battle for consumers. Keeping a close eye on the IP side of the business won't hurt either. "If we focus on the consumer, we should see all new technologies as opportunities," Britt said.

And that means IP-based services such as VoIP, high-speed Internet and new services we don't even know about yet. "Everyone is experimenting, and people want choice," Britt added.

And what did the audience choose as the highest margin business for cable five years from now? Thirty-four percent of the standing room only audience chose high-speed Internet, followed by VoIP (at 24 percent); core video (16 percent); and VOD and mobile communications (12 percent each).

The message? You had better pay attention to what the customer wants and be able to provide it fast.

JDSU monitoring round-the-clock
JDSU has introduced its digital and IP video service monitoring system designed to provide 24/7 monitoring of more than 250 video streams, along with testing access coverage at all points in the network that deliver video service.

JDSU's new monitoring system is comprised of the new QT-1100 Digital Video Service Monitor (shown here), the Digital Video Service Monitoring Server and Digital Video Service Monitoring Probes.

The IP video monitoring system will give operators the ability to receive precise analysis of their service and detect problems in the network from a remote location, from the ingress to the network edge, the company said.

Why the system? More operators are seeking ways to monitor networks remotely, particularly as they advance into IP-based services.

Verimatrix, Entone consolidate tech with Consolidated
Verimatrix, an IPTV content protection and security provider, and Entone Technologies will deploy their CAS (Content Authority System) and Hydra IP Video Gateway set-top box, respectively, in support of a video services rollout by Consolidated Communications, the 17th largest phone company in the U.S.

The CAS will allow Consolidated to better secure its growing lineup of IPTV content, while Entone's Hydra Gateway will enable the service provider to support three simultaneous television streams, as well as broadband Internet access, over existing in-home coax cabling.

What's the big deal? Consolidated, with 245,000 access lines, can now provide triple play services, including VOD.

EWAN files DMC set-top with Patent Office
EWAN 1, a provider of wireless set-top boxes, has filed an application with the U.S. Patent Office to protect proprietary technology tied to its DMC set-top box, the company said.

EWAN believes its wireless set-top is unique, and, therefore, requires patent protection. "Our DMC set-top box is one of the first wireless set-top boxes on the market. We believe we can deliver Internet TV with the clarity of high definition to subscribers' TV sets, negating the need to purchase an actual high-definition TV set and screen," said Scott Kettle, EWAN's president, in a written statement.

Linksys Wireless-G router with two
phone ports.
EarthLink and Linksys link up on VoIP
EarthLink and Linksys have agreed to co-market VoIP hardware and services at more than 30 Fry's Electronics locations.

The VoIP bundle features the EarthLink "trueVoice" Internet phone service and a Linksys Phone Adapter or Wireless-G Router with two phone ports.

EarthLink advances to Level 3
Level 3 Communications is expanding its relationship with EarthLink. The multi-year agreement calls for Level 3's VoIP Enhanced Local service to provide nationwide local voice service to EarthLink as part of its bundled voice and broadband Internet package, the companies announced.

What's the big deal? It's another step for EarthLink towards becoming a "next generation" Internet service, and executing on its "We revolve around you" marketing message.

Independent American chooses VoX
Independent cable operator American Cable has chosen VoX Communications Corp. to provide the Florida-based operator with the broadband phone component of its triple play offering.

The service will be deployed in Little Harbor, a coastal community of 2,300 residences in Ruskin, Fla., to be followed by bundled service offerings over the next several years to the 150,000 multi-family units in American's Florida market, the companies said.

WildPackets and Telchemy integrate
WildPackets, Inc. has integrated Telchemy's Vqmon/SA into its OmniAnalysis platform to provide VoIP analysis and call quality monitoring.

The OmniAnalysis platform gives network engineers real-time visibility into every part of the network simultaneously from a single console, according to WildPackets.

So what's the deal? More evidence of companies partnering to provide a monitoring system that can look deep into complex VoIP networks.

Charter merging to fast lane with phone service
Charter Communications has launched telephone service in seven new markets in 1Q, expanding the service to about 1 million new homes. Charter now offers phone service to nearly 3.9 million homes, the company announced.

Why the expansion? Can you say bundle? Charter is experiencing impressive growth for its triple play of bundled services.

CommPartners certifiably a CLEC
CommPartners, an IP-based network operator, has earned CLEC certification in 45 states and expects to be in all 50 by year-end, the company announced.

CommPartners provides wholesale VoIP and enhanced IP applications to carriers and strategic partners, it said.

What's the big deal? If CommPartners achieves certification in five more states, it becomes one of a handful of telecommunications companies to have earned CLEC status in every state.

And the research says....
Time Warner Cable dialing for digital dollars

Time Warner Cable scored exceptionally high on its three direct mail pieces aimed at promoting its digital phone service in its Charlotte market. The response rate was 1.35 percent, or a 107 percent lift over its previous campaigns, the company said.

Using marketing company Cohorts, U.S. households are divided into 30 groups that share distinct demographic, lifestyle and consumer behavior characteristics. TWC-Charlotte identified subscribers who would most likely be interested in a digital phone package, then were combined into three mega-segments for direct mail purposes, the company said.

The result? More than twice the response over traditional direct mail efforts.

Clearwire gets Winbeam
Clearwire Corp., a high-speed, wireless Internet service provider, has acquired fellow service provider Winbeam.

Clearwire is using non-line of site wireless technology developed by its wholly owned subsidiary, NextNet Wireless.

Why Winbeam? Clearwire expects the purchase will provide a stronger foothold in the Eastern U.S., where Winbeam's coveted 2.5 GHz spectrum holdings cover portions of Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia, the company said.

Telkonet and GigaBeam going for the quad play
Telkonet Inc. and GigaBeam Corp. have announced that Microwave Satellite Technologies, Inc., a Telkonet subsidiary, has purchased five WiFiber wireless fiber links from GigaBeam, and are now being deployed in New York City as part of what the company says is the first 70-80 GHz ultra high-speed resilient loop network on Manhattan Island.

The network will provide IPTV, VoIP, Internet access and area WiFi access for a quadruple play of services, the companies said.

Why the buzz? GigaBeam's WiFiber will connect multiple buildings in New York City for a quad-play of services. Current speed? 1 Gbps, with future products capable of 10 Gbps using either the 10 Gigabit Ethernet or OC-192 protocol standards, according to GigaBeam.

And the research says....
Broadband subscribers getting on board

By 2011, worldwide broadband subscribers will total 413 million, says research group In-Stat.

Why the spike? "Increasing availability of broadband services and the proliferation of new applications that rely on high-speed connections," says Mike Paxton, an analyst with In-Stat (disclosure: In-Stat and CED share the same corporate parent).

DSL remains the leading broadband access technology worldwide, with 69 percent of all broadband subscribers. And, 3.7 million new subscribers will sign up for broadband services each month this year, worldwide. Currently, there are more than 200 million worldwide broadband subscribers, In-Stat reports.

April 2006
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