ITU gives standard status to PacketCable 1.5

Tue, 02/28/2006 - 7:00pm

The International Telecommunication Union has blessed the CableLabs PacketCable 1.5 suite of specifications as an ITU standard.

The PacketCable-based standard, known internationally as IPCablecom, covers elements such as IP service architecture, network call signaling, call management server signaling, quality of service, and multimedia support. A suite of 16 PacketCable 1.5 specs are now considered international standards.

CableLabs said the ITU approval stemmed from work carried out last Fall by ITU Study Group 9 (Integrated Broadband Cable Networks and Television and Sound Transmission), which is chaired by CableLabs President & CEO Dr. Richard Green. ITU granted standards approval in November.

ITU has already applied standard status to CableLabs contributions for the DOCSIS and CableHome projects. Among them, J.128 references the Set-top Gateway for set-top signaling; and J.197 pertains to a digital rights management bridge to a home network. Approval has also been applied to a revision to J.192, which refers to a residential gateway to support delivery of cable data services.

J.601, a new recommendation, defines transport technologies for Large Scale Digital Imagery (LSDI) applications, and another, J.280, refers to Digital Program Insertion with an amendment that allows for multiple ports to be utilized.

Other CableLabs contributions that are in the progress stage in Study Group 9 include J.dti (DOCSIS Timing Interface Specification); (Battery Backup for Cable-based Devices); and J.161 (audio and video codec requirements for two-way cable services that utilize cable modem technology).

The next SG9 meeting is slated for May 2006.


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