Level 3 kicks off E-911 service

Sun, 09/18/2005 - 8:00pm
Jeff Baumgartner, CED

Level 3 Communications has added an E-911 service to its suite of VoIP offerings.

The E-911 Direct service supports Level 3's fixed and nomadic VoIP E-911 capabilities, and will be marketed to service providers as an FCC-compliant system.

For the nomadic piece of the service, Level 3 is collaborating with multiple VoIP Positioning Centers (VPCs) that are responsible for collecting, updating and reporting subscriber location information. That data will then enable Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) operators to relay critical location information to emergency responders.

Vonage Network, a subsidiary of Vonage Holdings Corp., has already selected Level 3 to enable the VoIP service provider's nomadic E-911 service.

Many "interconnected" VoIP service providers are scrambling to comply with an FCC mandate that their customers acknowledge that they have read and understood an advisory concerning the limitations for VoIP E-911 service. A recent extension gives those providers until Sept. 28 to obtain those affirmations. Operators must disconnect subs who do not acknowledge those limitations by the deadline.


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