Qualcomm fires back

Tue, 07/05/2005 - 8:00pm
Jeff Baumgartner

Qualcomm Inc. responded with guns a-blazin' Wednesday after Broadcom Corp. accused the cellular company of engaging in unfair licensing and other business practices.

In addition to calling Broadcom's suit "meritless," Qualcomm noted that it has granted 130 licenses, making the company's patents "the most extensively licensed portfolio in cellular history."

Qualcomm also bristled at allegations that it has monopolized the WCDMA market, calling the competition for commercial WCDMA chipsets "intense."

"The inability of Broadcom to attract customers for its WCDMA products, as admitted in Broadcom's complaint, is indicative of this highly competitive environment and not of any ostensible anticompetitive activity by Qualcomm," the company continued in its riposte of the Broadcom lawsuit.

Qualcomm also indicated that it could counter-sue Broadcom's claims.

"Broadcom's unfortunate preference for the litigation forum rather than the negotiating table will require Qualcomm to proceed with litigation of its own," said Qualcomm SVP and General Counsel Louis M. Lupin, in a release.


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