DVR and VOD users double their pleasure

Wed, 07/20/2005 - 8:00pm
Jeff Baumgartner, CED

The number of digital video recorder (DVR) and video-on-demand (VOD) users have both doubled in the past year, according to a new report from Leichtman Research Group Inc. (LRG).

LRG, referencing a survey of 1,350 U.S. households conducted in June, noted that about 8 percent of U.S. homes now have a DVR, and 23 percent of all cable subs have used VOD.

In the DVR category, the ad-skipping trend continued, with 88 percent of owners saying they usually zip through commercials when viewing a recorded program. Providing more fuel for the concept of targeted advertising, LRG was quick to point out that more than half (56 percent) of users surveyed said they often changed channels when commercials came on or avoided them altogether before installing their DVRs.

Despite wider adoption of DVR and VOD, "we should not assume that these services are yet turning the advertising model upside down," said LRG President & Principal Analyst Bruce Leichtman.

LRG's fourth-annual study on the subject also revealed that DVR awareness among adults rose to 88 percent, compared to 74 percent last year. Sixty-one percent of cable subs, meanwhile, reported that their cable provider offered VOD, up from 40 percent a year ago.


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