Avis takes DirecTV for a ride

Sun, 07/31/2005 - 8:00pm

Avis is giving the gift of satellite-delivered video to a select number of customers in the Phoenix area.

Beginning last month at Sky Harbor International Airport, Avis started renting Hummer H3 vehicles specially outfitted with the DirecTV service and specialized satellite TV antennas from KVH Industries Inc. Avis has already equipped about 5,000 rental vehicles with DVD players.

Avis said it does not charge extra for the DirecTV service in Hummer H3s or for other vehicles with on-board DVD players.

Cable operators are also noodling the idea of car-based video services. Earlier this year, Comcast Corp. partnered with automotive entertainment systems specialist Delphi Corp. to develop a portable DVR player system.


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