Digital Hollywood doles out the 'OnDemandies'

Thu, 04/07/2005 - 8:00pm

Organizers of the Digital Hollywood Spring confab have released the winners and runners-up of the first annual "OnDemandies" awards.

OnDemand Industry Innovation Award

Winner: Apple Computer and iTunes

Runner-up: Comcast Cable

OnDemand Programming Innovation Award

Winner: AOL Music On Demand

Runner-up: NFL Network "NFL Replay"

OnDemand Technology Innovation Award (cable, satellite, telco)

Winner: TiVo Inc.

Runner-up: Comcast Media Center

Innovation in OnDemand & DTV Cable, Satellite or Telco, Broadband Movie Service

Winner: Movielink

Runner-up: Atom Films

Innovation in OnDemand & DTV Cable, Satellite or Telco

Broadband Sports Winner: NASCAR on TV, DTV and Online

Runner-up: ESPN OnDemand and

Best Broadband Music or Information Service

Winner: Apple iTunes & iTunes Music Store

Runner-Up - Rhapsody

Best Mobile Music Service

Winner: XM's Portable Satellite Radio

Runner-up: SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Best Mobile Video Service

Winner: CNN Content on Verizon Phones

Runner-up: MobiTV

Best Mobile Games Publisher and Service

Winner: JAMDAT Mobile

Runner-up: (M)FORMA

Best Broadband On-Demand Streaming and/or Download Video Service

Winner: CNN NewsPass

Runner-up: AtomFilms

Best in On-Demand Television Programming Series

Winner: HBO - The Sopranos

Runner-up: HBO - Curb Your Enthusiasm

Best in On-Demand Television - Channel

Winner: HBO OnDemand

Runner-up: AOL Music On Demand

Best New Video On Demand Technology

Winner: ABC News Digital Media Group

Runner-up: Comcast - Gemstar TV Guide - iGuide

Best Interactive TV Special or Service

Winner - NASCAR Digital Entertainment & iN DEMAND

Runner-Up - Sesame Street Play and Learn Channel

Best On-Demand Games Service

Winner: GameBlast

Runner-up: Sony Online Games

Best On-Demand only Channel

Winner: AOL Music On Demand

Runner-up: Comcast - Select On-Demand

Best Overall PVR Technology

Winner: TiVo

Runner-up: Microsoft: Media Center

Best Cable PVR Technology

Winner: Comcast HD DVR

Runner-up: Moxi Media Center, by Digeo

Best OnDemand Advertising Technology & Programming

Innovation Award

Winner: Cadillac - General Motors

Runner-up: Kraft Foods

Best User Navigation, Guides & Interface Experience

Winner: Comcast - Gemstar TV Guide - iGuide

Runner-up - Moxi Media Center, by Digeo

Best On Demand Technology for Viewing Highlights

Winner: TiVo: Now Showing/Showcase

Runner-up - Showtime Interactive

Best Total On-Demand Offering by an Operator

Winner: Comcast

Runner-up: Time Warner Cable


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