Arroyo unveils server, deployment activity

Sun, 01/09/2005 - 7:00pm
Jeff Baumgartner

Arroyo Video Solutions Inc. has released some vital specs tied to its next-gen video server and software platform.

The company claims its VOD platform — which uses standard Intel "Xeon" servers and Arroyo's own "Video Accelerator" software - can produce operational improvements 10 times greater than its peers.

According to the company, each Arroyo server supports up to 3,000 streams (3.75 Mbps per stream) in three rack-units (RU) of space. That means it can support up to 42,000 streams per rack. A 4-RU set-up, Arroyo added, can simultaneously ingest up to 160 channels of live TV and store up to 9.6 terabytes of video content - enough to meet the demands of network-based digital video recording applications.

On the architecture front, the system offers resiliency by using multiple, smaller servers that can be grouped together to act as one. That means that any individual "group member" can fail without impairing the overall group, the company said.

The Arroyo OnDemand platform, shipping since October 2004, is currently in trials with three of the top ten cable MSOs in North America, the company said, but declined to be more specific. But one of them is likely to be Rogers Cable. Nick Hamilton-Piercy, presently a senior technology advisor at Rogers, also serves on Arroyo's technical advisory board.

"The Arroyo solution delivers performance and scalability exceeding any proprietary platform, yet is a completely open solution. This combination is obviously extremely attractive to MSOs," Hamilton-Piercy said, in a statement.

Arroyo's deployments are in a mix of cable VOD greenfields and cable markets with legacy VOD systems, said David Yates, Arroyo's vice president of marketing and business development.

"We're field deployed and streaming," Yates added. He declined to comment on pricing, but noted that the Intel-based Arroyo platform benefits from the pricing and performance brought on by Moore's Law.

Arroyo is already integrated with N2 Broadband 's VOD backoffice platform, and expects to integrate with others. nCUBE Corp., now part of C-COR Inc., is likely to join the Arroyo integration fold soon.

Although Arroyo has been approached by the telcos, "we've get our first product out to the cable market to show we can deliver them the scalability and open architecture they need," Yates said.

Arroyo is demonstrating its new system this week at the SCTE Emerging Technologies Conference in Huntington Beach, Calif.


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