Coaxsys pictures IP video networking

Fri, 12/31/2004 - 7:00pm

After months of development, Coaxsys Inc. is unveiling an Ethernet-over-coax home networking system it says is the first of its kind for the market.

The IPTV 7000 TVnet can create a video network using coax cabling in a home, regardless of the topology. The customer need only plug in adaptors at the video access point—say, a set-top box or an ADSL modem. From there, adaptors can be plugged in next to each television or set-top box the customer wants to include in the network.

The adaptor can work with a standard MPEG-2 or IPTV set-top box. For the former, Coaxsys is counting on finding a technology partner to supply the MPEG-2 to IP video format conversion, says Coaxsys CEO Michael D'Addio.

"There's no software and there's no setting," he says. "We deliver up to 104 Megabits per second and that is adequate for multiple SD streams or HD streams."

Cost to the consumer will be dictated by the home networking package the partner telco rolls out. But the initial cost for each adaptor will be somewhere in the $50 to $65 range, D'Addio says.

While Coaxsys' technology does use Ethernet over coax, it is not part of the Multimedia over Cable Alliance (MoCA), which aims to pipe data at a blistering 270 Mbps.


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