blinkx releases TV search engine

Wed, 12/15/2004 - 7:00pm
Jeff Baumgartner

blinkx has unveiled a search engine designed to quickly sift the Internet for video and audio clips and prepare them for playback.

The blinkx TV platform captures and indexes video streams directly from video sources. The service searches for clips from more than a dozen networks, including Fox News, CNN, BBC News, Bloomberg TV, Sky News, C-SPAN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO, ESPN, Discovery and The History Channel. It also lists audio segments from NPR, BBC and Voice of America.

A "Nextel acquires Sprint" query of the blinkx TV beta application on the Web produced about a half dozen video clips from Bloomberg and BBC, as well as radio clips from NPR and BBC. When selected, a pop-up window streams and runs the video clip alongside a text transcript, if available.

"Groundbreaking automatic transcription technology, which transcribes content straight from the cable box on the fly or from video already stored on the Web, together with advanced phonetic matching speech recognition technology, automate the process of searching TV clips for the first time," said company founder Suranga Chandratillake.

The service also features "Video Smart Folders" that automatically compile personalized content based on parameters set by the user.

According to a company whitepaper, the blinkx TV platform uses a server and image and audio analysis techniques to automatically extract information about a video in real time and to create an index about that content.


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