CableLabs adding UPnP to CableHome spec

Tue, 08/31/2004 - 8:00pm

CableLabs is in the process of melding components of the UPnP spec into its own CableHome platform for home networking devices.

UPnP, an acronym for Universal Plug and Play, develops interoperability specs for CE devices and PCs from multiple vendors. In addition to making the commitment with CableHome, CableLabs also joined the UPnP Forum Steering Committee.

With more than 700 companies in support of UPnP, "it's pretty clear that it is becoming the dominant discovery and control protocol for plug-and-play functionality over the home network," said Ralph Brown, senior vice president of broadband access at CableLabs.

Although CableHome 1.1 addresses "foundation layers" that include QoS and security, CableHome's messaging elements did not comply with UPnP.

In addition to messaging and QoS, CableLabs also plans to incorporate UPnP device discovery elements into CableHome.

"Our target is to have that effort done by end-of-year, and begin certifying CableHome with UPnP functionality in the first quarter of 2005," Brown said. Initially, it's expected that testing will be done on traditional cable modem gateways.


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