Study: High-speed penetration deepest in New England, 'Far West'

Tue, 07/06/2004 - 8:00pm
Jeff Baumgartner

Consumers in New England and the "Far West" U.S. have been the quickest to convert to high-speed Internet services, Leichtman Research Group Inc. revealed in a new report.

Broadband penetration in those two regions were north of 27 percent, compared to about 21 percent nationwide, LRG added.

New England is also a hotbed for cable modem services. There, more than 70 percent use cable as their primary data conduit. In the Far West, subs are split evenly between cable and DSL, LRG noted.

The report, Broadband, Cable and DBS Across the U.S. 2004, analyzes state-by-state penetration of high-speed Internet, DBS and cable services.

LRG found that Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York and California boasted the highest broadband penetrations in the Mainland. Hawaii, a Time Warner Cable property, has the highest overall broadband penetration, according to LRG estimates.

On the other end, Mississippi and rural states such as South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and New Mexico were tagged as having the lowest high-speed penetrations. The Rocky Mountain area, at 17.1 percent, was the lowest penetrated region.

LRG attributed the trend to regional economic conditions.

"Over one-in-five households nationwide now have broadband Internet service," said LRG President and Principal Analyst Bruce Leichtman. "Yet there are distinct differences in penetration levels across the country that are still largely related to household income."


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