Telution looks to voice for cable entry

Sun, 04/11/2004 - 8:00pm
Jeff Baumgartner

After staking its claim in the CLEC and ILEC arena, OSS firm Telution Inc. has turned its attention to cable, hoping to catch on with a platform that helps operators handle the tricky task of order assurance and management for IP telephony services.

Under a typical cable voice environment, the order and order management process is a manually-intensive exercise, requiring multiple data input points. That makes it extremely prone to human error and problems like "fallout," which occurs when a number portability attempt is either incomplete or incorrect. Plus, the entire process can take up to four days, plus a truck roll, to get the service up and going, said Telution Vice President and General Manager Apollo Guy.

Telution's Web-based platform, dubbed "COMX Cable," is designed to automate that process by hooking into the backoffice and billing systems.

Though Telution is capable of providing soup-to-nuts billing and backoffice support, the company's cable strategy is to partner with existing providers. For example, the company already has a partnership with billing/customer care vendor CSG Systems, and has ironed out interops with call management servers from Cisco Systems and Siemens Carrier Networks. Telution also has interops in the works with Cedar Point Communications and Syndeo Corp.

Telution is not exactly what you'd call wet behind the ears. Some of its major clients include SBC Communications, Qwest Communications, Sprint and Sigecom LLC. The Chicago-based OSS company has already secured a multi-million dollar voice OSS deal with a yet-unnamed MSO that serves between 2 million and 5 million subs. But Telution's plan is to help cable operators do much more.

"Voice is our entry point into cable. Once you're in, you can sell the full suite," Guy said.


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