AOL, Road Runner to cross-promote high-speed, content

Wed, 04/21/2004 - 8:00pm
Jeff Baumgartner

Keeping things in the corporate family, America Online Inc. and Time Warner Cable have inked a deal to cross-promote the AOL for Broadband and Road Runner high-speed Internet services.

Under the deal, AOL will promote Road Runner and Time Warner Cable divisions will market the faster AOL service. The partnership will also enable Road Runner to provide original and exclusive content from the AOL for Broadband premium service, including "Sessions@AOL, "First Tip," and a video-based rundown of game tips for PCs and consoles. Road Runner will aggregate that content via an "AOL Channel" that will be featured on its home page.

In turn, AOL will promote Road Runner via its "High Speed Internet Options" service.

On the TV side, Time Warner Cable will offer its digital subs access to a new on-demand music video channel called "My MC," which will feature programming from AOL Music. Time Warner Cable will offer that as part of its "Favorites on Demand" tier, which is offered free to the MSO's digital customers.


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