GCI targets dial-up subs with free cable modem service

Sun, 01/25/2004 - 7:00pm
Jeff Baumgartner

In a move that targets a large base of dial-up Internet subscribers, GCI of Alaska is offering free high-speed data access to customers who subscribe to specific bundle of video and voice services.

GCI is offering its LiteSpeed cable modem service for free to customers who subscribe to the company's cable TV and local phone service and its "Miles Ahead" long distance plan.

GCI's LightSpeed tier offers one e-mail address, data speeds up to 64 kbps, and 30 days of free technical support. LightSpeed customers, however, are limited to a monthly consumption cap of 1 gigabyte.

"We want to make it easier than ever for dial-up customers to enjoy the convenience of always-on connections at two to three times their current access speed," said Terry Nidiffer, GCI's Internet general manager, in a release.

If those customers decide to upgrade, GCI's LiteSpeed Plus tier offers 128 kbps, 5 megabytes of Web storage, two e-mail addresses and a consumption cap of 2 GB. GCI offers LiteSpeed Plus for $24.99 per month when bundled with the company's long distance service.

GCI's flagship "Hypernet" cable modem service is offered in four tiers (silver, gold, platinum and diamond), ranging from 1 Mbps down/128 kbps up for $49.99 per month on the low end, to 2.4 Mbps/256 kbps for $149.99 per month for the diamond tier. Each tier also imposes monthly consumption caps. GCI caps its diamond tier at 20 megabytes per month.


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