Study: Consumers want multiple DVRs

Tue, 09/30/2003 - 8:00pm
Jeff Baumgartner

For consumers, the digital video recorder (DVD) is a lot like the potato chip. It's hard to stop with just one. At least that's the conclusion of a new consumer survey from home media networking software developer Ucentric Systems and C-Cubed LLC, publisher of The DVR Monitor.

Among the major findings, 22 percent of the multi-TV DVR homes surveyed owned two or more DVRs, and 59 percent expressed interest (a rank of between 7–10 on a 10-point scale) in "having DVR capabilities on every TV in my home."

The survey also showed that the longer a consumer owns a DVR, the more likely he is to own two or more of the devices. Of the homes with two or more units surveyed, 17 percent had the technology for less than a year, and 44 percent had it for at least three years.

The study "provides remarkably clear evidence that once consumers learn how they can take control of their TV viewing experience with DVR, they become so thrilled with the new viewing experience that they want it everywhere," said Ucentric CEO Michael Collette, in a release.

But buying a DVR for every TV in the house can be quite pricey for the average consumer, a trend that has created an opening for vendors that make multi-DVR software and hardware.

Comcast Corp. began testing the concept this year in the Philadelphia area by coupling Ucentric's software with media centers from Samsung. Charter Communications is also giving media center technology a go via a partnership with corporate cousin Digeo Inc. and Motorola Broadband.


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