Motorola, N2 Broadband take cable's 'Mpulse'

Sun, 06/08/2003 - 8:00pm

Motorola Broadband and N2 Broadband announced an integrated solution, branded as Mpulse, that will enable cable operators with Motorola systems to offer their customers the ability to self-subscribe to premium cable packages from the operator's Web site or EPG (electronic program guide).

N2 Broadband's Mpulse system will reside in the cable operator's headend and will interface with Motorola's Digital Access Control (DAC-6000) platform and the operator's billing system. Using Mpulse, existing cable customers can sign-on for new services or change existing services using a simple Web-based, self-service tool.

Development is now under way with interactive program guide vendors for a guide-based Mpulse self-subscription version that is scheduled for availability later this year.

Once a subscriber identifies his/her account for verification on the cable operator's Web site or from the set-top, Mpulse will query the billing system in real-time to verify the subscriber's identity and current service and will initiate a credit check, if required. Upon verification and authorization, Mpulse will display available packages and promotions for selection by the subscriber. When a new service is selected, Mpulse will notify the billing system to make the appropriate adjustments to the monthly invoice and to communicate with the operator's DAC at the headend to activate the new service.


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