AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo create anti-spam clan

Sun, 04/27/2003 - 8:00pm
Jeff Baumgartner

Three Internet heavyweights will use their collective muscle to put the kibosh on spam.

Those companies — America Online Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo! Inc. — said they will collaborate and work with "other industry stakeholders" in fighting against unsolicited e-mail messages that are filling up electronic inboxes at alarming rates.

The group said they will initially combat spam by preventing spammers from using "deceptive techniques" in e-mail headers, inhibiting e-mail from systems deemed open to unauthorized use, and restricting e-mail that uses concealment techniques designed to hide or change the identity of the sender and the source of the spam message.

AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo! said they will also define "best practices" for anti-spam e-mail account policies.

On the enforcement front, the group said it would work will police and other law authorities to ensure that spammers are made more accountable for their actions.

"At AOL, fighting spam is priority number one, because spammers are public enemy number one, both to us and to our members," said AOL Vice Chairman Ted Leonsis, in a statement. "Spam is an industry-wide challenge, requiring industry-wide teamwork, in order to yield industry-wide solutions."

AOL drew its line in the sand on spam earlier this month, filing five separate lawsuits against individuals and companies that allegedly sent volumes of unwanted messages repeatedly to AOL customers.


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