CSG makes nice, withdraws action against Comcast

Sun, 11/03/2002 - 7:00pm
Duffy Hayes

Customer care and billing system provider CSG Systems announced today that it voluntarily withdrew a complaint it filed in June against Comcast Corp. Specifically, the complaint alleged that Comcast interfered with a long-term contract signed between CSG and AT&T Broadband. AT&T Broadband is slated to close its merger with Comcast later this month.

As AT&T and Comcast get set to merge into the industry's single largest cable TV provider, the latest action from CSG is intertwined with a previous, long-standing dispute with AT&T Broadband. By dropping its direct action against future AT&T parent Comcast, CSG is hoping to grease the skids for a potential settlement of its earlier AT&T suit, and pave the way to a deal where it could secure contracts for billing or customer care services in the new combined company. However, CSG officials are anxious to point out that their withdrawal in the Comcast suit does not mean an agreement over the AT&T suit is imminent.

"It should be noted that, while this action is intended to facilitate settlement discussions, the current arbitration with AT&T Broadband remains unaffected by this action," said CSG General Counsel Joseph Ruble, in a press release.


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