DragonWave breathes fire into bridge network

Sun, 10/27/2002 - 7:00pm
Susan Rush

Wireless broadband network supplier DragonWave Inc. has inked a deal to link communications between three bridges that link New York and Ontario.

Although financial terms were not disclosed, DragonWave will work with integrated network services provider Transwave Communications Systems Inc. to support voice and data communications between the three bridges the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission operates.

The DragonWave wireless system supports toll transactions, lane-closure alerts and standard business applications. In 2003, the network will support video-over-IP security traffic.

"The network is our heartbeat, so reliability and performance are of utmost importance," said Michael O'Reily, head of MIS-IT for the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission, in a prepared statement. "The DragonWave solution has given us given us a giant, dependable pipe that can be cost-effectively expanded as our capacity needs grow." The broadband communications network will support the bridges, which carry an estimated 9 million vehicle passengers a year.


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