Adelphia Business Solutions (ABS) and its consortium of 13 Pennsylvania-based companies are now 90 percent finished constructing the statewide, 5,000-mile fiber optics based Keystone Communications Project in Pennsylvania.

The Keystone Project was designed as a statewide fiber network to bring high-bandwidth voice, data, Internet and video networking to state government facilities, including state agencies and the State System of Higher Education. It led to the creation of the KeyNet Alliance between industrial, educational, community and government sectors.

In addition to being nearly complete, ABS said the project now has 50,000 Lines On Switch (LOS).

All of the transition work—from a previous provider's services to ABS' voice, video, Internet and data services—should be completed on schedule at the end of December, ABS officials say.

The plan also extended the state-based telecommunications infrastructure to communities across the state, with an emphasis on under-served rural and urban areas.

The contract with the Commonwealth has been a cornerstone in the rebuilding plan for ABS. Beyond the transitions, the contract calls for the consortium to provide services through 2006.