Study: Hong Kong leads high-speed access race

Thu, 08/15/2002 - 8:00pm

The majority of surfers in Hong Kong are hanging ten on the Web via a high-speed connection, one analysis says.

Hong Kong is leading the race, with 66 percent of households connecting to the Internet via a high-speed phone line or cable modem, according to the Nielsen/NetRatings Second Quarter 2002 Global Internet Trends report. The rate of acceptance indicates " a well-developed high-speed infrastructure and the consumer desire to attain information at faster rates," says Lisa Strand, director and chief analyst at Nielsen/NetRatings. According to data collected through usage surveys, broadband usage has increased 8 percent since the first quarter, the report says.

According to Nielsen/NetRatings, there are 553 million people with Internet access in the world, and despite wide acceptance in countries like Hong Kong, the majority of surfers are still connecting via a narrowband connection. The United States continues to dominate the Internet, with 166.4 million people access the Net, but according to Nielsen/NetRatings' findings less than 20 percent of those surfers are broadband users. High-subscription rates, geographic restrictions and lack of compelling content is holding back widespread broadband deployment in the US, Strand says. "The Internet has yet to hit on a must-have content that would inspire greater numbers of surfers to seek high-speed connections," says Strand. Sending and receiving e-mail remains the most dominant activity on the Internet.


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