Efficient debuts new family of DSL CPE

Sun, 08/18/2002 - 8:00pm
Duffy Hayes

DSL CPE leader Efficient Networks has announced a new family of DSL modems and SOHO routers, branded SpeedStream.

The new line of CPE is the first group of products to be developed, built and marketed by Efficient since the company was acquired by German uberfirm Siemens last year. Today, the company claims major DSL customers like SBC, Deutsche Telekom, Bell Canada, and Earthlink, among others.

The new line of SpeedStream 5x DSL CPE range from a basic entry level modem, and add routing and port flexibility to models higher up along the chain. On the lower end, Efficient offers a single Ethernet DSL modem, with support for G.lite and full-rate ADSL up to 8 Mbps downstream. Moving up, Efficient adds a combo Ethernet/USB modem, a 4-port Ethernet SOHO DSL router, and then a 4-port Ethernet/USB SOHO router at the top of the line. The new line of SpeedStream CPE will effectively replace the line-up of CPE products developed and sold by Efficient as a private company.

"The unique thing about of the products, aside from being very cost-effective and built on commodity-type hardware, is that they all run a standardized operating system that Efficient has built," explains Tom Willie, vice president of the SpeedStream Product Group at Efficient. "This allows us to do customization of features for all of the service providers that we sell to." He further describes how the family shares a hardware design with "stuffing options," leveraging resources in the design to either add in or take out features and ports based on provider preference. A highly interoperable AR5 chipset from Texas Instruments is the brain of each new Efficient model in the family, and allows for service providers to customize the CPE they provide to their DSL customers.

In terms of launch timeline, Efficient today is shipping the two lower end models, the single Ethernet and upgrade USB model, with the two more advanced routing boxes just now coming off of the production line, according to Willie.


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