BroadJump unveils unified activation platform

Sun, 07/21/2002 - 8:00pm
Duffy Hayes

Broadband activation software provider BroadJump has introduced a new software platform to address operator challenges in signing up, activating and delivering service to new broadband customers.

Dubbed ControlWorks Activation Edition, the new software "superset" combines many of the features of the company's popular Virtual Truck Qualifier and Installer activation platforms, and layers on new capabilities for handling multiple ISPs and customer migration. As operators look ahead to offering open access on their networks to competitive ISPs, activation and migration issues are sure to be new challenges network operators will face in reshuffling all of their disparate back office systems.

"We've brought to market solutions that help our customers really wring a lot of efficiencies out of their networks-from qualification, to activation, to migration," explains Kip McClanahan, BroadJump president and CEO. "Historically, we've talked about those as individual applications and uses with independent ROIs. What ControlWorks Activation Edition represents is the realization that a lot of those challenges exist simultaneously within our customers' networks. What we've done is bring in all of those individual use cases of our technology, and brought them to market with a single solution."

BroadJump also announced the first major customer to sign on to the new ControlWorks platform-embattled UK provider NTL, which currently offers a triple play of video, circuit-switched telephony and tiered high-speed data over cable to more than 9 million homes across the UK.

NTL has used BroadJump's market-leading Virtual Truck products to initiate service to more than 280,000 high-speed data customers so far, and it'll begin migration to the ControlWorks platform later this year. NTL is currently in the process of undergoing bankruptcy restructuring, the result of an aggressive acquisition spree taken on over the past couple of years.

In addition to offering a retail residential broadband product, NTL has, perhaps preemptively, inked a deal to open its network and offer wholesale service to the UK's largest dial-up ISP, Freeserve, who currently count 2.4 million dial-up customers. Unlike the open access situation in the US, there are no mandates from the government of the UK to open up high-speed cable networks to rival ISPs.


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