Interoperability is the name of the game. Optical Solutions Inc., Video Inc. and Myrio Corp. have put their heads together to develop a fiber-to-the-home Switched Digital Video solution.

The system uses Optical Solutions' FiberPath 400 as its base. FiberPath 400, a passive optical network-based system that converges voice, video and data on one direct fiber connection to the home, delivers high-speed data services up to 100 Mbps, multiple carrier-class phone lines and access to switched digital video content. Myrio and Video have integrated the FiberPath 400 system with Video's digital video processing products and Myrio's video content administration package.

The services providers will be able to offer through this solution include digital television, pay-per-view, digital audio, real time video-on-demand, high-speed Internet access and traditional television programming.

The trio believes the alliance will enable service providers to leverage their existing networks to deliver IP-based video and audio and compete with their cable rivals.