SBC: Move over AOL, MSN here comes SBC Yahoo! Dial

Sun, 06/02/2002 - 8:00pm
Susan Rush

Making good on a promise made late last year, SBC Communications Inc. and Yahoo! Inc. have launched a co-branded dialup Internet access service. The duo plans to roll out a broadband service later this summer.

SBC Yahoo! Dial will give subscribers access to Yahoo! content, including finance, music, online calendaring, e-mail and customized news tracking. The service will run over SBC's network.

The package will run $21.95 a month for unlimited access and $15.95 a month for customers who have to buy an additional phone line.

The CO-branded DSL access service, which is slated to launch later this summer, will be available to customers in SBC's 13-state local service region. The dial-up service is available nationwide.

Yahoo! will receive monthly per-subscriber payments from SBC, while SBC will receive a share of Yahoo!'s non-subscriber revenue on advertising, e-commerce and broadband-enabled features and services on the portal.

When SBC first announced it was partnering with Yahoo! last year, SBC told CED Broadband Direct that "the winner of the broadband war will be the company that delivers the best broadband-powered content, communication services and features to its customers."

In April, SBC and Yahoo! expanded their existing partnership to bring broadband services to small businesses. SBC has enlisted Yahoo! as its dial-up and broadband ally in an attempt to put itself on a level playing field with the likes of AOL Time Warner Inc. and Microsoft Corp. Both companies own a great deal of online content and have been taking steps to be competitive in the broadband service arena.


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