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The Bulletin's Frontrunner…06/13/2002

From LexisNexis

The Washington Post reports, "President Bush plans to tell technology executives today that his administration will work to make high-speed Internet access available in more areas, administration officials said. But the White House will not take sides on contentious regulatory questions that are among the most heavily lobbied issues in Washington."

The Post adds, "Technology executives, many of them political centrists who are viewed as crucial potential donors and supporters by both parties, have been aggressively lobbying the White House for incentives encouraging high-speed Internet service, known as broadband." Administration officials "said conflicting proposals on Capitol Hill have led them to conclude that no major broadband program can be passed this year. And the officials said the industry is bitterly divided about the specifics of a national policy." The officials "said Commerce Secretary Donald L. Evans plans to tell the executives today that the administration is committed to encouraging demand for high-speed access, and to helping state and local governments that are having trouble setting up systems."