SkyStream launches carrier-class video router

Sun, 05/19/2002 - 8:00pm
Duffy Hayes

Traditionally, technology platforms from SkyStream Networks have enabled satellite video delivery for broadcasters and enterprises, but the company is aiming a new video services router at the service provider and carrier markets. Telcos, especially, are looking to include video service in their voice-data packages, but they'll need to do it while keeping operating and capital costs low over their current broadband networks.

SkyStream's new video-over-IP platform begins with the launch today of the Mediaplex 20 Video Services Router, which can help telcos and carriers overcome some of the sticking points inevitable in offering an IP video services solution. Today, if carriers want to do high-yield guaranteed video services delivery, they must cobble together an expensive system that usually can't cover the costs incurred to serve multiple streams, include redundant architecture, and offer QoS and broadcast-level security.

"(Mediaplex) is focused on those (carriers) today who have DSL capabilities, and fiber-to-the-home … those folks have no way to participate in entertainment service revenue," says Bethany Mayer, vice president of product marketing for SkyStream. "There's some strong momentum in some portions of that wired market for being able to deliver broadcast television, pay-per-view, and movies on demand to their (voice/data) customers. And on the enterprise side, to deliver video and managed video services to the enterprise market. That's what this product addresses."

Adds Ramin Farassat, SkyStream's director of product marketing, hardware platforms: "The pain points (for carriers) are fairly obvious … high capital and operational costs for building an overlay video service on top of what they have today. They'll be looking for equipment that can reduce their capital costs, and they'll be looking at ways of lowering their operational costs for building this architecture."

In advance of the Mediaplex 20 release, SkyStream has secured support for the platform from an assortment of system integrators and technology partners. Integrators like Sony's System Solutions Division, Comtech Korea and Imagine Broadband have expressed their support for Mediaplex. Other technology partners like VOD providers nCube and SeaChange, MPEG-4 company iVAST, VDSL provider Tut Systems, conditional access provider Irdeto Access, optical Ethernet component maker World Wide Packets, and other technology partners are testing interoperability and working on integration solutions.

SkyStream will be showing the Mediaplex 20 for the first time in their booth, and it will be the core technology behind a video over broadband demo for the Broadband Content Delivery Forum at the show.



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