Might cable ops do leased line?

Sun, 05/12/2002 - 8:00pm
Duffy Hayes

For a small- and medium-sized businesses today, getting broadband connectivity is basically a nightmare in many markets. Most times, to get T1/E1 service, businesses must contract with local telcos, and wait weeks or months just to be lucky enough to get a pricey T-1 line. Having to stack additional expensive leased lines to add scalability just exacerbates the problem.

But getting easier access to dedicated leased line services via coax is behind a new partnership between RAD Data and Narad Networks. The companies plan to offer cable operators a solution to effectively do TDM over IP. Narad, a company that has developed technology to do Gigabit Ethernet over current coaxial plant above the 860 MHz range, will add RAD's IPmux TDMoIP gateways to its family of managed elements to mimic offering leased line services. Essentially, by doing TDM transport in a packet environment, TDMoIP allows operators to extend T-1 or E-1 circuits across Ethernet and IP backbones at a much lower cost than with a carrier solution. Over a unified TDMoIP platform, operators could offer transport services like local leased line services to IXCs, private leased line services to businesses, or even backhaul services to mobile operators as well.

Not traditional business for cable ops, but a new way for them to generate business service revenue while protecting current investments in TDM gear.


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