Alcatel ships more gear

Wed, 05/15/2002 - 8:00pm

Alcatel continues to push forward in the DSL equipment market, the telco gear maker has shipped 740,000 remote combo ports on its Litespan next-generation digital loop carrier platform in the North American market.

Each remote port provides integrated DSL and voice service. The ports enable carriers to turn-up DSL service for customers without a truck roll, Alcatel says.

Simultaneously, the company announced it will demonstration Litespan Release 11 at the SUPERCOMM show in Atlanta next month. The last version offers a four-port remote combo card for integrated DSL and POTS; power management designed to shut down non-essential services during power outages and switch to a battery backup to provide basic dial-up service; and a symmetrical high-bitrate DSL service card for ATM communication over copper wire, with data rates of up to 2.304 Mbps.

In March, Infonetics estimated Paris-based Alcatel accounted for 42 percent of the DSL port shipments at the end of 2001. So far, the company has shipped some 15.7 million DSL lines worldwide, 8.7 million of which have been shipped to the United States.


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