Scientists envision A.I. for set-tops

Tue, 04/30/2002 - 8:00pm

A team of BIAP Systems scientists outside of Washington, D.C., working on intelligent agent technology for the company's government projects, shrunk the resulting software's footprint and adapted the technology for set-top boxes.

The result is software that sends intelligent agents –feelers that go out onto the Web and retrieve specific information they've been told to seek–from set-top boxes. The BIAP application requires no additional headend servers or middleware components, the company claimed.

"The entire broadband infrastructure is in place and opens up pipelines for artificial intelligence agents," said BIAP CEO Tim Peters.

The BIAP application, designed for cable and satellite, can run on Motorola and Scientific-Atlanta 2000-series digital set-tops or other "edge" devices such as PCs and personal digital assistants.

Among BIAP's business plans, the company could license its software to cable operators, likely by the third quarter, Peters said.


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