HomePlug 1.0 chipset certified

Mon, 04/22/2002 - 8:00pm
Duffy Hayes

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance, an industry group working to specify home networking gear that operates over traditional residential electrical wiring, announced the certification of a chipset from one of its member companies.

The latest chipset to be certified under the HomePlug 1.0 specification established last year is from Canadian chipmaker Cogency Semiconductor. Cogency's Piranha chipset is the first for the company to be certified under the HomePlug 1.0 specification, and features a smaller footprint and low power consumption in meeting the parameters laid out by the group.

Since the Alliance announced the HomePlug 1.0 specification last year for transmission over power lines at a data rate of 10 Mbps, only a couple of chip designs have been certified so far. According to the Alliance's Web site, chipset designs from Intellon, whose technology was chosen as the baseline of the HomePlug standard, are the only other chipsets certified under the 1.0 specification.


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