Alcatel touts fiber-to-the-user

Wed, 04/17/2002 - 8:00pm
Duffy Hayes

Despite concerns over cost and manageability of all-fiber delivery systems, the development of deep fiber platforms to deliver ultra-high speed communications directly to users continues to plod along. Telco gear maker Alcatel has announced a Fiber-To-The-User optical fiber cable platform that delivers light-speed communications right up to subscriber premises.

The new Alcatel 6620 platform brings optical access right to the end-user, enabling super-fast transmission of bundled voice, video and data. When coupled with Alcatel core technologies, an operator could potentially deliver traffic over all-fiber Alcatel gear from long haul all the way to individual residences. The new 6620 solution is platform independent and can handle current advanced transmission architectures like APON, BPON and Gigabit Ethernet.

FTTU solutions, though not widely deployed, operate hundreds of times faster than the premium data services of today. Potentially, subscribers on an all-fiber platform would be able to use multiple phone lines, download full-length movies in minutes, receive high-definition programming, or participate in full-motion videoconferencing—applications that today are restricted by bandwidth-constricted connections.



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